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Utilizing our unique Remote Approach software, we are able to fix over 98% of our customers problems.

We now support Microsoft Vista and Windows 7.

Call us today to setup an appointment at 888-896-9662!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WOMCS?

What if you can't fix my computer remotely?

  • You will not be charged if we are unable to provide a solution to your computer needs. Although it is rare, there are computer problems that we simply can't fix because we are not physically at your computer. However, we will consult with you regarding the problem and give you tips for getting the correct service from your local computer repair shop, all at no charge!

What type of computer problems can you fix?

  • We provide complete business systems support including networking, email systems, security, data backup, data recovery, server setup, and system maintenance for all workstations and server.
  • All problems related to system and application error messages.
  • Virus detection, prevention and removal.
  • Excessive popups, Internet Explorer problems including inappropriate websites coming up.
  • Spyware, malware, adware, programs and icons that appear without having been installed by you.
  • Email solutions for all email issues.
  • Remote diagnostics of computer hardware components.
  • Problems related to malfunctions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems family components and software applications.
  • Performance optimization, recommendations on upgrades/updates, system failure.
  • Repairs for DLL and other Windows errors.
  • Provide updates for Device Drivers and remove conflicts.
  • Provide updates for BIOS related issues.
  • Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras, and other peripherals.

What are your regular business hours?

  • Our regular business hours are from 8am - 8pm EST.  Monday thru Friday.
  • We will make every effort to schedule service for another time if you are unavailable during our regular business hours. Just leave us a message and we will return your call to schedule a time that will suit you!

What other services do you provide?

  • We provide many specialized services and training on various computer related tasks. Please call or email us to discuss your specific computer related needs.
  • We can do a security check-up on your computer and even provide you a secure, password protected location on your own computer to keep important documents, account numbers, passwords, etc.
  • We can help you setup a backup routine for all your important information in the event you have a serious computer failure, fire, flood, etc.

Who will be working on my computer?

  • The technician working for WordOfMouthComputerService is Taylor Seward. Taylor has been repairing computers since 1989. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University as well as numerous computer related certifications including MCSE, MCP+I, and CCA. Taylor worked five years for General Electric as a computer systems analyst where he managed and repaired over 200 computer servers located around the world. He also received GE's Six Sigma certification originally developed by Motorola. Taylor left GE in 2002 to start WordOfMouthComputerService. He developed the "Screen Sharing" software used by WordOfMouthComputerService and created this website.

What are the minimum system requirements to use your service?

  • Any Windows Operating System. We now support Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista!
  • Recommended internet connections are Cable, DSL, Wireless, and LAN (company networks).

Can you provide service on Macintosh (MAC) computers?

  • Our current software is not compatible with Macintosh computers.
  • We plan to add Macintosh compatibility in the future.

Will you be able to access my computer without my permission?

  • No! You have to install our software to initiate a "Screen Sharing" session. Before the "Screen Sharing" session ends, our technician will initiate an uninstall of our "Screen Sharing" software. This will automatically end the "Screen Sharing" session and completely uninstall the software. You must install our software again to initiate future "Screen Sharing" sessions.

Can you access files on my computer?

  • We will have the same access to your files as a technician would that came to your home or place of business. We take customer privacy VERY seriously.