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Common Problems that we fix:

SpyWare, AdWare and Pop-up removal.
Printer not working properly.
Computer running slowly.
Programs not working properly.
Sound, CD-ROM, or Multimedia not working.
System, Application, or DLL errors.
Device driver errors and conflicts.
Illegal Operation errors.
And many more...

Our new customers are often surprised at how easy it is to talk with us. We take the "tech-talk" out of computer problems!!

A BIG THANK YOU  to all our existing customers. Your referrals are the key to our success. We are now in our 9th year of business and we look forward giving you the same great service for years to come!!!


Our Remote ApproachTM computer service is a user-friendly, cost effective and innovative service that allows you to stay at home while we fix your computer problems over the internet from our business office. 

This new and secure service allows us to fix your problems quickly without the hassle or additional cost of taking your computer to a store or having an expensive and inexperienced "geek" come to your home or office.  Also, if we canít fix your computer problem, there will be no charges.

Our software allows us to see your computer screen on our computer. It is just as if I was sitting in front of your computer. You will watch your computer screen and see us repairing your computer in real-time. We will also be on the phone with you throughout the whole process in case you have any questions.

  We are happy to give you a free estimate. Our billing is done simply and in very cost effective, fifteen minute increments.  Based on our hourly rate of $72.00, most problems listed to the left can be fixed in 15 minutes for $18.00 or 30 minutes for $36.00.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of privacy, security and quality of service for all of your computer needs.

All you need for this service is DSL, Cable or other high speed internet connection. For all other connections, call me to discuss how we can work together.

Please give us a try. Iím building this business from the bottom up and counting on Word Of Mouth referrals and repeat business from you.

Call us today Toll Free at 888-896-9662  to discuss your computer problems!

Email if you prefer:

 Hi, Iím Taylor Seward the founder of WordOfMouthComputerService.   Our software enables us to fix your computer problems or provide you training using our unique Remote ApproachTM service. 

    Itís as simple as discussing your problems over our Toll-Free phone line and scheduling a convenient appointment. We will then call you and our software will allow us to remotely see your computer. Once connected, you will sit back and watch your computer screen as We fix your computer problems or perform maintenance and system setup.

If you have a question call or email us anytime!

Phone: 888-896-9662

We accept money orders, personal checks and credit cards.
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