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Our software allows the technician to see everything that is on your computer screen and control your mouse and keyboard just as if the technician were sitting in front of your computer.

How It Works

WordOfMouthComputerService created its own software package which allows secure sharing of your screen, keyboard and mouse via an internet connection. After we discuss your computer problem or training needs, you will run our screen sharing software. This will automatically initiate a connection between your computer and a WOMCS technician's computer. At that point, only you and the technician can see your computer screen and you both will be sharing the mouse and keyboard.

Remember, we will be on the phone with you during the whole process in case you have any questions.

The technician will proceed to provide a solution to your computer needs or provide you training while you watch it all on your computer screen, in the privacy of your home or office.

It is not required that you be at your computer while we work on it. Most of our customers enjoy watching as we fix their computer. However, if you must be at work or have another reason you won't be there it is ok. You must be at your computer for the initial installation, but that is all that is required on your part. When the technician is finished with your computer, he will disconnect and uninstall our software for you.

You will receive a detailed invoice via email with the option to either pay with a credit card, PayPal or by mailing a check.